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Standing on the other side of the lens with the goal of capturing beautiful souls.

My name is Laura De La Rosa and I serve the Wichita Falls, TX. and the surrounding areas. God has blessed me with a loving and supportive family. My passion and obsessions go deep into my Hispanic culture; along with my family, animals, cacti, art, Frida Kahlo and photography.

Me llamo Laura De La Rosa y saco fotos en Wichita Falls, Tx y los pueblos alrededodes. Dios me ha bendecido con una familia que me ha apollado y me han mostrado amor incondicional. Mi cultura Hispana le ha dado vida a mis pasions como mi familia, animales, nopales, el arte, Frida Kahlo y fotografia.

En memoria de mi padre, Rufino Pacheco.

"Corazón de melón"